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Environment, Health & Safety

We are committed to protecting the health and safety of all employees while managing our environmental impact.​

Protecting our employees and the environment is critically important to Smithers-Oasis.


As a global leader in the floriculture, horticulture and specialty foam markets, Smithers-Oasis is dedicated to working with our customers and supply chain partners to meet and exceed increasing market demand for environmentally responsible products. With manufacturing facilities in more than a dozen countries, we are subject to a variety of environmental laws and regulations. In each location, we have a strong record of compliance.

In addition to developing more sustainable products, we are focused on scrap reduction, materials recycling, process emissions reductions and product life cycle evaluations.

Health & Safety

“Respect for the individual” is a core value that aligns with our commitment to provide a healthy and safe work environment throughout our global organization. To ensure the health and safety of our employees, we conduct ongoing safety training for all employees as well as onsite reviews of our global facilities. We strive to exceed all applicable labor codes in the countries where we work.

Our WORK SAFELY and COVID-19 safety guidelines provide our global units and facilities with support and tools for daily management and measurement of health and safety performance.

The following examples demonstrate our dedication to the environment as well as the health and safety of our global workforce:

Green Stuff® Absorbs Spills for Quick and Safe Cleanup

Green Stuff® Absorbs Spills for Quick and Safe Cleanup

W.O.R.K. S.A.F.E.L.Y. at Smithers-Oasis

W.O.R.K. S.A.F.E.L.Y. at Smithers-Oasis

Clean Environments = Satisfied Customers

Clean Environments = Satisfied Customers

Worldwide Locations

As a global company, Smithers-Oasis features a network of offices and facilities around the world that enables us to provide products and services to the local market. 

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