For more than 80 years, Floralife has been solving the postharvest care and handling needs of the cut flower industry. We support the entire cut flower distribution chain from harvest to vase; from growers to wholesalers; and from supermarkets and retail shops to the consumer. Our products provide an ultimate enjoyment experience for the end consumer with solutions for pretreatment, hydration, transport and storage, and final food solutions for nourishment and conditioning.

Acquired by Smithers-Oasis Company in 2007, Floralife continues to develop solutions to improve and maximize flower life. From our dedicated staff of scientists and research specialists to our research locations which are strategically located in major flower markets around the world, Floralife works closely with the local industry on the challenges of the distribution chain to optimize the quality of fresh-cut flowers and maximize their life through all parts of the distribution chain to ensure customer satisfaction.

Industries Served

With our innovative product lines, we’re proud to serve the following industries.

Floral Design



Home and Gardening


Transportation and Logistics

Home Decor

Craft and Hobby




Worldwide Locations

As a global company, Smithers-Oasis features a network of offices and facilities around the world that enables us to provide products and services to the local market. 

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