Our History

From our very start, solving our customers’ problems has been the driving force for Smithers-Oasis. Whether looking for a media that hydrates flowers while securing them for design, developing a product that maintains the cold chain for vaccine shipments, or ensuring our products are available locally around the world to the people who need them, Smithers-Oasis strives for excellence. Here is a snapshot of our achievements over the years.

  • 1938

    James Sykora, Sr. and William Bussert invent fresh cut flower food

  • 1944

    James Sykora, Sr. forms Floralife, Inc.

  • 1944

    James Sykora, Sr. forms Floralife, Inc.

  • 1953

    V.L. Smithers invents floral foam

  • 1954

    V.L. Smithers forms Smithers-Oasis in Kent, Ohio

  • 1961

    Mark Addison and Lee Dick form Design Master

  • P


    Smithers-Oasis Canada opens

  • P


    Smithers-Oasis Denmark opens

  • 1964

    Introduction of Vertical Bar Design

  • 1966

    Introduction of Hexagon Logo

  • P


    Smithers-Oasis Belgium opens

  • P


    Smithers-Oasis Germany opens

  • 1969

    Introduction of OASIS® Grower Products
  • P


    Smithers-Oasis France opens

  • 1973

    Theodore “Ted” Smithers becomes President

  • P


    Smithers-Oasis Australia opens

  • P


    Braaks Floral Products opens in South Africa as first licensee of Smithers-Oasis

  • P


    Smithers-Oasis Japan opens

  • P


    Smithers-Oasis United Kingdom opens

  • 1984

    Introduction of BIO-FOAM® Impression Foam
  • 1986

    Smithers-Oasis Company is purchased by Charles F. Walton

  • P


    Smithers-Oasis Iberica opens

  • P


    Smithers-Oasis Korea opens

  • P


    Smithers-Oasis Brazil opens

  • P


    Smithers-Oasis Mexico opens

  • 1992

    Smithers-Oasis France acquires Eychenne®

  • 1993

    Smithers-Oasis UK acquires Naylor Base® and Foam Frames®

  • 1995

    Smithers-Oasis North America acquires Lomey®

  • P


    Smithers-Oasis Malaysia opens

  • P


    Smithers-Oasis China opens

  • P


    Smithers-Oasis India opens

  • 1999

    Floralife, Inc. patents 1-MCP technology and introduces EthylBloc™

  • 1999

    Introduction of temperature-controlled packaging foam

  • 2006

    OASIS® Grower Solutions acquires Fertiss®

  • 2007

    Floralife, Inc. is acquired by Smithers-Oasis

  • P


    Smithers-Oasis Adria opens

  • P


    Oasis Floralife Colombia opens

  • P


    Oasis Floralife Africa opens

  • 2010

    Smithers-Oasis Company is purchased by Robin M. Kilbride

  • 2011

    Introduction of OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife
  • 2012

    Formation of Smithers-Oasis Engineered Products

  • 2014

    Introduction of OASIS® Enhanced Biodegradable floral foam
  • 2015

    Charles F. Walton is inducted into the Society of American Florists (SAF) Floriculture Hall of Fame

  • 2016

    Introduction of FloraLife® Express No-Cut Flower Food

  • 2017

    Smithers-Oasis North America acquires Handy Floral Products™

  • 2018

    Smithers-Oasis North America acquires Milton Adler Company

  • 2018

    Smithers-Oasis France acquires Siloé Mousses

  • 2018

    Formation of Temprecision International

  • 2021

    Introduction of OASIS® NatureSource™ Biobased Floral Foam

  • 2021

    Smithers-Oasis Acquires Design Master

  • 2021

    Introduction of OASIS® TerraBrick™ Floral Media

Worldwide Locations

As a global company, Smithers-Oasis features a network of offices and facilities around the world that enables us to provide products and services to the local market. 

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