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Environment, Health,
and Safety

Product Responsibility
and Innovation

Ethics & Integrity

We uphold a high standard of ethics to ensure we act responsibly in accordance with our Company Ethics Policy. ​

We have aligned our Ethics Policy to meet and exceed the United Nations Code of Ethics to ensure all ethical standards are met in every country where we operate. We are committed to conducting our operations honestly and transparently.

We hold ourselves and our business units accountable to the highest standards of integrity. We expect employees to act responsibly and with integrity in all dealings with customers, suppliers, fellow colleagues and within the communities we serve.

Our steadfast dedication to integrity permeates all areas of our business, from our manufacturing processes and business partnerships to our corporate citizenship and environmental sustainability efforts.

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The Smithers-Oasis Code of Conduct

The Smithers-Oasis is based on the following Values and corresponding Behaviors.

Dedication to Customers

  • Commitment to meet or exceed customer needs
  • Build and grow customer relationships
  • Apply this value to both external and internal customers

Respect for the Individual

  • Communicate in a respectful manner
  • Listening, encouragement, supportive, appreciation, humility, cultural awareness
  • Ensure safe environment


  • Help others succeed, teamwork, communication, receptive and open
  • Work together to accomplish a common goal

Achievement Orientation

  • Results oriented, execution, meet deadlines, strategic alignment, self-motivated

Quality of Products and Services

  • Consistently meet or exceed customer expectations
  • Attention to detail
  • Proactively solve problems
  • Continuous improvement as customer needs change

Integrity and Trust

  • Reliable, ethical, honest, credible
  • Do what you say you will do

Innovation and Adaptability

  • Continuous learning, curiosity, search for the better, embrace learning from failure, support others in the learning process
  • Sense of urgency, entrepreneurial spirit
  • Open to change, flexible, positive attitude

Code of Worldwide Business Ethics

More than twenty-five years ago, Charles F. Walton (CEO from 1986 to 2010) issued our Company’s first Code of Worldwide Business Ethics. This Code has stood the test of time, is as relevant today as when it was first written, and continues to guide all of us at Smithers-Oasis in our daily business.

Smithers-Oasis Statement of Environmental Commitment

We stand by the following commitments:

  • We will continually maintain a standard of compliance with all applicable environmental laws in every country where we operate.
  • We will continually research our products to find additional ways to reuse, recycle and reinvent our products to reduce our footprint on the environment.
  • We will continually set objectives for improving our environmental performance and reducing the environmental footprint of our operations and our processes.

Worldwide Locations

As a global company, Smithers-Oasis features a network of offices and facilities around the world that enables us to provide products and services to the local market. 

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