Green Stuff® Absorbs Spills for Quick and Safe Cleanup

Oct 15, 2021

When responding to emergencies, firefighters need a reliable, versatile product able to handle any liquid spill they come across. Corrosive liquid spills can cause harm to public safety, so keeping them contained and quickly cleaned up are the keys to minimizing damage to a community’s environment and health.

Green Stuff® absorbent is primarily made of phenolic foam and are used to control spills and leaks of toxic, dangerous liquids. It can absorb over 300 liquids used in industrial settings, at home, or by public safety agencies.

When Smithers-Oasis Mexico introduced Green Stuff® to a fire station in Nuevo León, they were intrigued to learn more. After being trained and watching demonstrations on how to use Green Stuff®, they began to work with it in the field.  The product is especially useful when responding to liquid spills at automobile accident sites. By spreading the loose absorbent over the spills, firefighters can effectively clean up the site in a safe and timely manner. 

With the success of Green Stuff®, new firefighters at the station are trained on how to use the product upon their hiring. Green Stuff® absorbents are versatile, convenient products that can handle nearly every liquid spill.