Research and Technology

When it comes to our products, we have the same dedication to discovery as V.L. Smithers did when he invented water-absorbing foam in 1954. Our passion for product quality and innovation has driven us to establish a network of research facilities across the globe, including traditional laboratories, greenhouses, flower life testing facilities and cold chain evaluation labs.

Our research team is staffed by numerous Ph.D. scientists and research specialists who lead discovery in product development, performance testing and troubleshooting. We also partner with key customers to develop innovative solutions to meet emerging industry needs. Our research team also provides technical assistance to customers when needed.

Our research and technology teams collaborate with suppliers to establish raw material specifications throughout the world to ensure product superiority. Our ongoing commitment to the highest production standards includes lean manufacturing practices, which provide us operational efficiencies that benefit both our company and customers. 

Our manufacturing and distribution facilities throughout the world help to deliver the best products in the most timely and cost-efficient manner possible, improving local service and product availability.

Global Research Capabilities

Smithers-Oasis manufactures and sells products in over 130 countries around the world. Our global reach is not limited only to sales, however. To develop the products our customers need, Smithers-Oasis operates nine research facilities on six continents. Our global footprint allows us to think locally in terms of manufacturing, distribution, sales and marketing – all of which benefit our customers in a range of industries.

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