New OASIS® RhizoPlug™ Tray Singulated Foam Substrate Ushers in the Future of Precision Vegetative Propagation

Jul 10, 2024

This next-generation, automation-ready engineered substrate from Oasis Grower Solutions delivers uniform, consistent, superior young plant quality — plus up to 20% faster times to root, extract and transplant.


KENT, Ohio (July 10, 2024) — Vegetative propagators in today’s floriculture industry understand that extra days on the bench mean smaller margins. But too often, young plant producers chasing faster turnover times risk losing quality, consistency and uniformity. OASIS® RhizoPlug™ Tray singulated engineered substrate from propagation media pioneer Oasis Grower Solutions is here to change that.

Developed specifically in response to the needs of precision vegetative propagators, this new singulated foam substrate elevates the propagation experience and provides the competitive edge large- and small-scale operators need. In trials with loose fill and specialty substrates, such as stabilized and bonded substrates, OASIS® RhizoPlug™ Tray consistently delivered up to 20% faster times to root, extract and transplant — with superior results at every step.

Oasis Grower Solutions Director of Global Grower Operations and Research Vijay Rapaka, Ph.D. was lead scientist on the team that developed the remarkable next-generation technology behind the new OASIS® RhizoPlug™ Tray. Dr. Rapaka emphasizes that this grower-driven propagation substrate provides real-world solutions to growers’ needs.

“Vegetative propagation is challenging in itself and gets further complicated when cuttings are imported from offshore locations. Despite the rigorous efforts taken by offshore farms, cuttings are not necessarily always consistent and may not arrive in high quality,” he explains. “The OASIS® RhizoPlug™ Tray was exclusively formulated to fast track the recovery process of those vegetative cuttings that were excised and shipped for 3 to 4 days, often under unfavorable conditions.”

With OASIS® RhizoPlug™ Tray, propagators enjoy damage-free sticking, faster cutting recovery, profuse root and shoot growth, extremely uniform and consistent young plants, shorter production cycles, cleaner propagation areas, easy and earlier extraction, and vigorous transplant growth.

“The advanced surfactant technology and open cell matrix make the water readily available during one of the most crucial stages of the propagation process. As a result, the cuttings become fully functional to jumpstart the rooting process,” Dr. Rapaka shares. “With OASIS® RhizoPlug™ Tray, we achieved a new benchmark for reduced substrate resistance, strength and density where even delicate herbaceous plant material can express their full rooting potential. The custom plug and tray design allows seamless integration with the automation process and easy extraction of the plugs.”

OASIS® RhizoPlug™ Tray Benefits

In OASIS® RhizoPlug™ Tray and Oasis Grower Solutions, vegetative propagators find a partner to help lift their results to next-generation heights. This singulated engineered foam substrate is ideal for vegetative propagation of a wide variety of floriculture crops, culinary herbs, tropicals, industrial hemp and similar crops, including challenging fragile-stemmed varieties and stage III tissue culture crops.

Designed for easy use and handling in automated and manual growing operations, OASIS® RhizoPlug™ Tray delivers the following benefits and more:

  • Faster cutting rehydration – Advanced surfactant technology supports rapid cutting recovery and an earlier reduction in misting frequency, reducing labor and pest and pathogen pressures.
  • Faster, damage-free sticking – Pre-dibbled substrate’s ultra-low density and resistance enables faster, easier cutting insertion without breakage or tip damage, even for challenging fragile-stemmed varieties.
  • Faster cutting establishment and rooting – Unique cellular matrix encourages rapid root penetration, vigorous rooting, and improved fine root architecture and branching, while eliminating risk of overwatering when used properly.
  • Profuse root and shoot development – Optimized, consistent air-to-water-ratio supports profuse growth and vigor, producing young plants with extreme uniformity, consistency and quality.
  • Up to 20% reduced bench times – In trials, vegetative annuals propagated in OASIS® RhizoPlug™ Tray are consistently up to 20% faster to root, extract and transplant compared to loose fill and specialty substrates such as stabilized and bonded media.
  • Vigorous transplant growth – Ultrafine cell structure and superior capillarity create an outstanding interface with transplant media, including peat, wood fiber and other blends.
  • Faster, cleaner propagation areas – From cleaner benches and floors with less algae and fungus gnats to super-clean young plant production, including easy extraction and transplant, growers enjoy a cleaner substrate experience.

“I cannot stress enough about the all-round cleanliness this product offers. This not only helps reduce pest and disease pressure and benefit the production of clean and healthy young plants during that immediate crop cycle, but also beyond that rotation with the next propagation cycles,” Dr. Rapaka adds. “We are thrilled to offer every grower, large and small, an ultimate propagation experience from stick to transplant with precision, cleanliness and performance. This technology allows faster recovery, rooting and transplant thereby improving operational efficiency and reducing costs.”

Pre-dibbled OASIS® RhizoPlug™ Tray singulated engineered foam substrate is available pre-loaded in 72, 105, and 128 count plug sheets from national and international distributors. For more information, contact Oasis Grower Solutions at (855) 585-4769 or visit the website at: