Response to Letter from Ukrainian Florists’ Society

Aug 18, 2022

Iryna Byelobrova
President of the Ukrainian Florists’ Society
34A Zavodska Str.
Stari Petrivtsi
Vyshgorodsky district
Kyiv region
Ukraine, 07353­­
Via email:

Dear Ms. Byelobrova,

I have received your letter of 14 August.

To be clear, Smithers-Oasis does not have manufacturing operations, warehouses, offices, subsidiaries, or investment projects in Russia.

Further, Smithers-Oasis has not provided direct sponsorship to the Russian Florist Cup 2022 being held next month. The only connection to this competition was an earlier donation of product to the Russian National Guild of Florists – the same support we provide other fellow members of Florint in preparation for design competitions.

Like others around the world, we have been horrified by the invasion, war, and tragic loss of life in Ukraine at the direction of politicians. Words cannot express the extent of our shock and dismay.

One of our hopes is that longstanding relationships built over many years will keep us connected as a floral family. In support of the floral community, European and global suppliers continue to export cut flowers, plants, and floristic supplies to florists in both Ukraine and Russia. And floral trade associations continue to connect across political boundaries.

In your letter, you shared that 40% of flower businesses in Ukraine have completely or temporarily stopped operating. We would like to help. Perhaps the Ukrainian Florists’ Society can establish a fund to provide support to the florists who have been deprived of the opportunity to create and work. Smithers-Oasis would immediately support those efforts, and I believe other floral industry partners would quickly join us.


Robin Kilbride
President and CEO