Smithers-Oasis Slovenia brings Customer’s Designs to Life

Jul 7, 2022

Since its creation in 1954, OASIS® Floral Foam has made life’s important moments even more special. Its innovative formulation allows flowers to stay fresher longer – particularly when used in combination with FloraLife® flower food – and for extravagant designs to be created. In fact, the ability to carve, shape, and stack the foam gives designers a medium that brings their imaginations to life.

When a client in Slovenia requested a custom, flower covered wedding pavilion, Smithers-Oasis Slovenia was up for the task. The structure took extensive planning, had to follow strict safety regulations, and had to be built on location. It was imperative the final design was perfect since it would be surrounded by the beautiful gardens of Laxenburg castle in Austria.

A team of Smithers-Oasis Slovenia employees built the pavilion on site and then designed additional floral arrangements at the Laxenburg castle location. The flower life was of great importance due to the high temperatures. To ensure maximum quality, the OASIS® Floral Foam was saturated with a solution of water and FloraLife® flower food prior to design, and all the fresh flowers used on the pavilion and in the arrangements throughout the grounds were treated with FloraLife® products.

Smithers-Oasis Slovenia’s dedication to the customer resulted in a one-of-a-kind design and an exquisite  occasion. Smithers-Oasis is proud to be able to take on challenges that leave our customers thrilled with a floral experience they will never forget.