OASIS® RAINBOW® Foam Skulls for Día de los Muertos

Jul 6, 2022

Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day are commonly associated with flowers. However, they are not the only holidays where flowers play a key role in traditions.  

In Western Europe, All Saints’ and All Souls’ Day celebrate Catholic saints and deceased relatives. Floral designs with chrysanthemums are often left on graves, accompanied by a candle. Celebrations for All Saints’ and All Souls’ Day begin on 31 October and continue through 2 November.

Another holiday that honors deceased loved ones during this time is Día de los Muertos. In Mexico, the Día de los Muertos celebration is three days long. During this time, families build altars to honor their deceased relatives.

These altars are often decorated with marigold flowers because their bright color and strong scent are believed to attract the spirits of the dead. Skulls are also depicted during these celebrations and have become so well recognized they are often seen in other countries, where the holiday is becoming more commonly celebrated. For example, the Día de los Muertos skulls of Mexico have also become popular in France.

In collaboration with the Dutch Flower Council, Smithers-Oasis France launched a line of OASIS® RAINBOW® Foam skulls last year. Florists were thrilled with the creative possibilities and received positive attention at the prestigious florist fair NOVAFLEUR, quickly becoming popular on social media. OASIS® RAINBOW® Foam skulls have been available in subsequent years and are always met with excitement.

Smithers-Oasis has a history of collaboration and innovation. By working with organizations like the Dutch Flower Council, Smithers-Oasis France can promote the floral industry. And, as the world becomes more global, the traditional holidays of one country are being celebrated around the world. The global footprint of Smithers-Oasis allows us to deliver the traditional design materials to new markets, giving florists and crafters alike the confidence that the materials have proven performance.