OASIS® Floral Foam improves customer experience

Jul 6, 2022

OASIS® Floral Foam allows florists to bring to life their most ornate designs with its powerful utility to keep flowers hydrated and fresh. So, when florist Jang Eun Ok needed to keep her arrangements watered while being transported, she knew OASIS® Floral Foam would be the perfect solution.

Jang was working on a project with the Korea Floriculture Agricultural Cooperative, the largest organizational base and business scale among the Republic of Korea’s cooperatives. This economic organization develops agricultural management and promotes the status of farmers. Jang’s collaborative project involved distributing flowers to the public, including convenience stores and supermarkets.


It typically takes one to three days to make bouquets and deliver them to customers, which runs the risk the risk of flowers dying or breaking due to instability and a lack of hydration. To solve this problem, Jang collaborated with Smithers-Oasis Korea to produce a custom size foam.

Using the custom-sized, enhanced biodegradable floral foam, she was able to arrange the bouquets and keep them watered in a stable, uniformed way. This allowed them to be transferred securely and arrive fresh for customers.

Following the initial success of this technique, Jay has used it when making home-delivered bouquets that were featured on a home shopping channel. The bouquets sold out, and two more broadcasts were quickly scheduled to air.

More companies are offering flower subscriptions to be delivered regularly. In the South Korean market, more than 50% of online vendors use floral foam as a water treatment, and OASIS® Floral Foam is the reliable product that keeps flowers hydrated and secure for the best customer experience.