Design Master offers Versatile Solutions for Florists with Paint

Apr 20, 2022

When designing arrangements, florists need a tool kit that allows them to achieve their creative vision. While tools like tape, scissors, and floral foam may seem obvious, there is one that is less so: Paint.

Shannon Cosgrove-Rivas, a United States based florist, utilizes Design Master® products’ versatile applications as a tool when designing. Whether it is spraying on a touch of color to add dimension or concealing an imperfection on a flower, spray color is a useful tool that is incredibly helpful for Shannon to have on hand.

To expand the color palette of a bouquet she was designing, she added a small amount of Design Master® Just for Flowers in Purple Pansy to white zinnias. The subtle, vibrant hue of the paint was a perfect finishing touch to the design.

Another way Design Master® products consistently provide solutions is by covering blemished or bruised flowers. No matter how much time and care goes into selecting, sourcing, and ordering flowers, they can incur damage during the delivery process.

Throwing away flawed or bruised flowers produces waste and is a financial loss for florists. Unfortunately, finding replacements with short notice for events is not always an option.

When designing for a wedding with Playa Blanca roses, she noticed the flowers had suffered some creasing on the petals during transit. Fortunately, Shannon was able to save and use the roses by lightly dusting the damaged areas with Design Master® Colortool in Flat White. The flowers were arranged into a beautiful bouquet for the bride!

Whether it is enhancing natural beauty or concealing imperfections on flowers, Design Master offers versatile solutions for florists.