Growing Faster, Stronger and Healthier

Oct 15, 2021

OASIS® Grower Solutions understands the importance of propagation – not only in growing plants but in generating big ideas that lead to innovative products. OASIS® Horticubes® AeroMax, a revolutionary new substrate engineered for precision hydroponic farming, is an ideal example.

 The goal was to create a smart substrate designed for today’s precision growing systems, and through extensive research, OASIS® Horticubes® AeroMax achieves an ultra-low density that allows unrestricted root growth of young plants. As a result, they can express their full growth potential up to 30%.

Engineered with a unique open matrix, this growing media’s increased porosity leads to greater airflow and maximizes the opportunity for oxygen to get to a plant’s root zone. This helps crops grow faster and stronger, allowing young plants to prosper in the maximum air-filled substrate. Due to its enhanced porosity, air and nutrients constantly replenish a plant’s rootzone, promoting stronger and healthier roots through each watering cycle.

In addition to delivering greater oxygen to the crop’s root zone, OASIS® Horticubes® AeroMax’s increased porosity and airflow enables it to drain more easily. This improved drainage keeps the top of the growing media drier, dramatically reducing algae blooms and subsequent disease – creating a wonderfully clean and pathogen-free environment for young plants to grow.

OASIS® Horticubes® AeroMax has functional benefits that support improved propagation. The rich black color was selected to increase the surface temperature and synergize well with photosynthetic light spectrum to produce more well-toned young plants. The less dense, spongy nature of it minimizes dust generation throughout the production process, making it easy to work with.