Collaboration with Custom Foam Carving

Oct 15, 2021

During the COVID-19 lockdown, Smithers-Oasis India began holding webinars where florists from around the world could share their knowledge on a specific topic. Kevin Teo, Sales and Marketing Manager for Smithers-Oasis Malaysia and a florist, has experience carving custom floral foam pieces. Some of his notable three-dimensional creations are swans and Chinese longevity peaches.

One of his recent carvings was for a demonstration in collaboration with Smithers-Oasis India, who was working to connect with florists who could not leave their homes due to the pandemic. Kevin gave a demonstration on how to broaden the creative ways to use OASIS® Floral Foam. Though it provides a solid base to create designs and increases the longevity of flowers, you can take originality a step further and carve OASIS® Floral Foam into custom shapes. The webinar collaboration was a great success and gained positive responses from attendees.

As an international company, Smithers-Oasis strives to “Think Global. Act Local.” Seeing the enthusiastic collaboration among our employees and florists’ around the world shows the creative community that continues to thrive, even when apart.