Smithers-Oasis Germany Brings Creativity to a Younger Generation

Mar 30, 2021

Floral design workshops have become increasingly popular around the globe. Though typically popular among adults, Smithers-Oasis Germany wanted to bring the experience to a younger generation. In collaboration with Haymarket Media and Florismart, they arranged a floral workshop to give children a chance to join the fun.

The workshop was done with two groups of school age children in Hannover, Germany. The younger group of children were provided with prepared panda and unicorn containers with floral foam. They created bright floral designs in the fun animal containers. Stars and hearts made from OASIS® RAINBOW® Floral Foam were the fun final touch.

The materials used for the older group of children were OASIS® Bioline® Floral Foam in an Alpaca shape and OASIS® Aqua Colour Paint. Their designs began with decorating the alpacas with colorful paint. After, they created their floral arrangements to complete the design.

The event was a success and the children had fun working with flowers and using OASIS® Floral Products. Other schools have become interested, so the Smithers-Oasis Germany team has compiled information on the products so the program can be easily replicated.

Finding an activity for the entire family can be a challenge. Floral workshops let families show their creative side and will keep everyone entertained.