OASIS® Grower Solutions Fortify Optimizes Leafy Greens

Mar 30, 2021

In 2020, OASIS® Grower Solutions introduced Fortify, a liquid nutrient supplement designed to optimize the growth performance and increase the harvest weights of leafy greens while reducing production time by up to 20%. This amino acid based nutrient supplement was developed through extensive research and trials, making sure it was optimized to improve nutrient uptake and reduce stress at all stages of production. 

Fortify can be applied to leafy greens, including lettuce, herbs and micro greens, that are produced using Nutrient Film Technique (NFT), Deep or Shallow water culture, and aeroponic culture. It is best applied using a dosing system in conjunction with a complete fertilizer program. OASIS® Grower Solutions Fortify helps growers maximize their production space and get as many turns as possible. When used as a nutrient supplement, it has the potential to reduce production time enough to accommodate one additional crop cycle annually. This allows growers to have greater food production without needing to expand the footprint of their growing operations.