FloraLife® Sachets with Recyclable Paper Material

Mar 29, 2021

The Floralife 2025 Sustainability Plan, launched in 2019, is a long-term initiative targeted for 2025 that implements the reduce, reuse, recycle and respect principles in four areas: water, innovation, production and consumption, and climate action. One of the earliest results of this plan was the introduction of recyclable paper material for FloraLife® flower food sachets.

The recyclable paper material offers the same performance of the original sachet packaging while reducing over reliance on plastic. Flower food sachets have been in the floral industry for decades, as most consumers are used to receiving a small packet of flower food with their bouquet of flowers. Though seemingly insignificant, the number of traditional plastic sachets can add up. Making incremental changes from plastic to recyclable paper material can have compounding effects when you consider the global marketplace.

The recyclable paper material sachets were first launched with FloraLife® Express 300 powder flower food but have been expanded to other lines. As with traditional sachets, the recyclable paper material sachets are available in different size packets that can treat 1 liter and 0.5 liter amounts of water.