FloraLife® Flower Food in Fairtrade-Certified Formats

Mar 30, 2021

The FloraLife® Express line of products was designed to provide hydration and nutrition like other flower foods but with the benefit of eliminating the need to cut the stems. Because flowers can ship, store and sell with their stems at harvest length, there is a reduction in product loss, waste management, equipment maintenance, production space and handling.

Those improvements are reflective of the goals of Floralife’s long-term sustainability initiatives targeted for 2025. The Floralife 2025 Sustainability Plan implements the reduce, re-use, recycle and respect principles in four areas: water, innovation, production and consumption, and climate action. One of their initiatives has been Fairtrade certification. 

Fairtrade is an international organization that works with companies to help them certify their products as ethically sourced from farmers and workers who get fair compensation. Floralife received Fairtrade certification of its FloraLife® Express Clear ULTRA 200 and FloraLife® Express Universal 300 products after its supply chain was vetted for responsible sugar sourcing.

To receive Fairtrade certification, Floralife had to change some of its product ingredients, as well as how they were sourced. The quality and efficacy of the products is equivalent to Floralife’s non-Fairtrade certified products.

These certifications align with the initiatives of the Floralife 2025 Sustainability Plan while also meeting the expectations of consumers who are seeking more transparency in the products they use.