FLORALIFE® and OASIS® Grower Solutions Acquire Library of 20,000+ Research, Technical and Trade Journal Articles

Oct 29, 2018

KENT, OHIO – October 2018 – FLORALIFE® and OASIS®Grower Solutions, divisions of Smithers-Oasis Company, a worldwide leader in providing solutions throughout the plant and flower supply chain from propagation to consumer, have recently purchased a library database of research, technical and trade journal articles on horticulture-related topics.

The database, a consortium of 40 years, contains more than 20,000 articles on ornamental plants, as well as fruits and vegetables, and can be searched by key words, authors and topics.

The library database was acquired from renowned researcher, Dr. George Staby, a past professor of floriculture at The Ohio State University and founder of Chain of Life Network®.  Staby spent his entire career immersed in the studies of floriculture and postharvest physiology, conducting research projects on a range of topics from biochemical studies of plant processes to the effects of ethylene on the longevity of cut flowers and potted plants.

“Having access to this database will be beneficial in our research and product development initiatives,” explained Anil Ranwala, Manager of Research and Development, FLORALIFE®. “Our scientific approach is dependent on this type of research—the more knowledge we have, the better solutions we can develop to enhance the consumer experience.”

The FLORALIFE® and OASIS® Grower Solutions research and development departments will continue to add to the database, and eventually the intention is to share the information with customers and industry partners. In addition to this database of floriculture articles, FLORALIFE® and OASIS® Grower Solutions also purchased a crop information database that categorizes species, varieties, shelf life and other information on crops.

“We are honored that Dr. Staby, who FLORALIFE® and OASIS® Grower Solutions have had a long-time relationship with, was willing to share his valuable resources that he worked his entire life to develop,” said Jim Daly, Vice President, FLORALIFE®/Grower Global Operations and Corporate Research. “This initiative also supports the Smithers-Oasis ‘Follow the Plants’ strategy.”