OASIS® Grower Solutions Offers Terra Plug Bonded Growing Media Formulated with Soax® Advanced Wetting Agent

Sep 18, 2018

OASIS® Terra Plug with Soax® Advanced liquid wetting agent allows superior cutting hydration and uniform wetting and rewetting.

KENT, OHIO – September 2018 – Oasis Grower Solutions, a division of Smithers- Oasis Company is now offering its OASIS® Terra Plug bonded media with Soax® Advanced liquid wetting agent that allows superior cutting hydration and uniform wetting and rewetting of the plugs.

Terra Plugs are a bonded media made by loose filling propagation trays and stabilizing the media. Pre-dibbled and ready to use, Terra Plug tray designs can be customized to make sorting and grading of rooted plugs compatible with specific propagation processes for easy potting, whether manually or with automatic transplanting equipment.

The new Terra Plug formulation with Soax Advanced wetting agent technology offers growers uniform density within the plug that enables rooting throughout the media, from top to bottom. It also promotes fast and uniform rooting that develops strong, fibrous root systems that allow for earlier transplanting. Terra Plugs have an ideal pH and a starter fertilizer to provide plants with a healthy start.

Ideal for propagation of vegetative cuttings and seeds of ornamental and vegetable crops, Terra Plug is manufactured using a unique horticultural-friendly patented technology.

Oasis Grower Solutions recently introduced Soax Advanced wetting agent, a proprietary, liquid surfactant blend that ensures air-to-water ratios are uniform throughout the entire root zone and increases the available feeding sites for plant roots. The formulation prevents water pockets from forming, reduces the occurrence of spot drying and improves the water holding capacity of the media.

“Incorporating our innovative Soax Advanced wetting agent technology into our Terra Plug product line helps growers effectively manage moisture in their crops,” said Jeff Naymik, global marketing manager, Oasis Grower Solutions. “Our goal is to ensure our customers’ success by finding ways to improve their overall crop growth and performance.”

With a solution for the entire plant journey, Oasis® Grower Solutions products include foam medium for tissue culture, plant propagation Rootcubes®, Terra Plug,

Fertiss®, PlantPaper, Horticubes®, Oasis® Easy System, hydroponic fertilizer, Soax® wetting agent, disease control and greenhouse cleaners. It also offers an ecologically sustainable(eS) line of products.

Oasis Grower Solutions provides for the strong, healthy, clean start and post-harvest care and handling of plants and flowers throughout their lifecycle to ensure the best consumer experience. The entire plant journey includes the breeder, propagator, growers, retailers, distributors and finally, the end consumer.