Smithers-Oasis Company Announces Partnership with Agrilyst

May 1, 2018

Oasis® Grower Solutions products included in Agrilyst software to help growers manage their business and supply chain.

KENT, Ohio – Smithers-Oasis Company, a worldwide leader in providing solutions throughout the plant and flower supply chain from propagation to consumer, announces its partnership with Agrilyst, leading provider of a software as a service (SaaS) product for greenhouses and vertical farms that allows growers to track crops, labor, inventory and other metrics.

Oasis Grower Solutions products will be included in Agrilyst, and offered to growers that subscribe to the software, which helps them manage their crops and provides data-driven insights to make more profitable production decisions.

“With Agrilyst, we bring to the industry an understanding of how to leverage data, making it easier for growers to manage and scale their businesses,” said Allison Kopf, CEO of Agrilyst. “Including Oasis® Grower Solutions products in our platform will enable indoor growers to know when and what to order so they can perform optimally.”

The Agrilyst platform puts the power of precision agriculture in the hands of any grower, no matter what its size. The cloud-based platform leverages knowledge from other growers and offers a mobile app for ease of use. Indoor growers are able to extract data that helps them take control of their operations and improves their supply chain management. 

“Using Agrilyst, growers can spend their time and expertise focused on their flowers and vegetables, rather than trying to maintain their supply chain,” said Bill Riffey, general manager, grower operations, Americas, Europe and Africa. “As the industry moves more and more towards indoor growing because of climate changes, it is important for Smithers-Oasis to be involved in the latest technologies that innovative growers are using to help grow their businesses.”

Oasis® Grower Solutions horticulture products provide for the strong, healthy, clean start and post-harvest care and handling of plants and flowers throughout their lifecycle to ensure the best user experience. The entire plant journey includes the breeder, propagator, growers, retailers, distributors and finally, the end consumer.