OASIS® Grower Solutions Rootcubes Retail Pack Offers Growers Engineered Growing Media for Increased Rooting Success

May 16, 2018

<br ><br ><br ><br ><br ><br ><br ><em>Photo caption Oasis® Grower Solutions Rootcubes® retail packs are ideal for smaller hobby growers or for trial runs with larger growers<em>

Oasis® Rootcubes retail packs appeal to smaller and hobby growers.

KENT, OHIO – Smithers-Oasis Company offers a new retail pack of its Oasis® Grower Solutions Rootcubes® foam media, an engineered growing media for increased rooting success.

The new retail pack is availablein two sizes, a 104-count sheet and 50-count sheet, both containing two sheets of the foam media per box. Designed with smaller or hobby growers in mind, the Rootcubes packs are also ideal for larger growers to use for trials before purchasing in bulk quantities, which are also available.

Rootcubes ready-to-use growing medium is manufactured in sheet form, with individual cells shaped like cubes that are easy to separate. The consistency of the media and its ideal air-to-water ratio creates more uniform rooting success that encourages plant growth. The foam media is sterile and pathogen-free to help reduce disease and insect issues.

“Our Rootcubes retail pack is perfectly sized for smaller or hobby growers,” said Jeff Naymik, global marketing manager, Oasis Grower Solutions. “Larger growers will find the packs ideal for trials, prior to purchasing in bulk. The fresh, professional design reflects the Smithers-Oasis continued commitment to a scientific approach to solving growers’ needs and providing solutions for optimal growing.”

Rootcubes are perfect for a wide variety of crops, such as poinsettias, geraniums, hibiscus, New Guinea impatiens, fuchsia, foliage, perennials, woody ornamentals and tomatoes.

With a solution for the entire plant journey, Oasis® Grower Solutions products include foam medium for tissue culture, plant propagation Rootcubes®, Terra Plug, Fertiss®, PlantPaper, Horticubes®, Oasis® Easy System, hydroponic fertilizer, Soax® wetting agent, disease control and greenhouse cleaners. It also offers an ecologically sustainable (eS) line of products.

Oasis Grower Solutions provides for the strong, healthy, clean start and post-harvest care and handling of plants and flowers throughout their lifecycle to ensure the best consumer experience. The entire plant journey includes the breeder, propagator, growers, retailers, distributors and finally, the end consumer.