New OASIS® Scenic Shapes Provide Instant Personalization for Events and Memorials

Aug 2, 2013

11_11171_HRKENT, OHIO – Smithers-Oasis North America answers florists’ needs for specialty shapes through the introduction of a new line – OASIS® Scenic Shapes.

OASIS Scenic Shapes are a 1.5” thick OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife shape inset on a graphic background scene creating a large, dynamic presentation cost effectively. The background scene is printed on a lightweight, rigid, waterproof plastic that can be hung or laid flat, eliminating the need for a container.

The completed design is 17” x 23”, of which only 35-70% is floral insertions. The scenic background adds perceived value to the consumer; therefore florists can profitably price the finished design for customers looking for a side piece for a memorial or a personalized touch for an event.

The real estate of the background also allows for additional personalization by writing messages such as “Welcome”, “Congratulations” or the signatures of an entire office staff, team or family.

OASIS Scenic Shapes debut in 13 forms available through wholesalers throughout North America for less than $15 each. They include:

Golf, Football and Round Scenic Shapes: Glued to a green grass field, these floral foam shapes address florist needs for personalization of a life-long fan or player at a memorial service, or event needs throughout the year for America’s top seven sports (Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Golf and Tennis respectively.)

Ganesha and Om Scenic Shapes: Hindu ceremonies and celebrations frequently include these symbols and use flowers prevalently. As the Hindu population grows in North America, OASIS Scenic Shapes offer a design-ready form to assist florists.

Fire Rescue and Shield Scenic Shapes: An ideal tribute for a fallen police officer or firefighter, this shape is backed with a brushed gold graphic. Florists have found additional applications for these shields as many popular logos originate from a shield shape, such as Harley Davidson, Porsche, colleges and preparatory schools.

Motorcycle and Tractor Scenic Shapes: Placed on a road or field scene, these Scenic Shapes provide the opportunity for florists to appeal to customers with a shape that otherwise would have been time consuming and labor intensive.

Fish Scenic Shape: Representing a life-like trophy fish, this Scenic Shape is placed on a mahogany plaque graphic for a finished look.

Fleur de lis: One of the most requested forms, this Scenic Shape is adhered to a brushed gold background, versatile for memorials and celebrations alike.

Shamrock: Not only seasonal in its St. Patrick’s Day application, shamrocks can be used for other celebrations and are frequently requested. The mahogany plaque background provides a sense of heritage.

Rectangle: This versatile shape is mounted on a mahogany plaque graphic. Florists have been using it for everything from flags to birthday cakes. It is truly a blank canvas for design.

Video that show all 13 Scenic Shapes, tips and tricks for personalized design, and a demonstration of how to easily hang a shape on an easel can be found here.