Supporting the Floriculture Industry Globally

Floral Products

Providing the industry’s leading floral foam products for fresh, silk and dried flowers; bouquet holders, collars and wedding accessory items; adhesives, tapes and glues; decorative wires and other specialty products for florists and floral designers worldwide.

Postharvest Products

Supplying the floral industry with a complete line of postharvest care and handling products, including the industry’s leading fresh flower foods. Our products meet the needs of every level of the distribution chain to ensure maximum consumer enjoyment of flowers.

Grower Products

Providing growing media for the greenhouse and grower industry worldwide. With a wide range of rooting systems and a line of liquid and granular wetting agents, our products promote healthy and vigorous root development.

Engineered Products

Building on our phenolic foam expertise, Smithers-Oasis produces a number of foams for industrial use. Products include BIO-FOAM® Impression Foam, engineered for use in the podiatric field, and Temperature Control Foam, which is used in transit for temperature-sensitive materials.

Smithers-Oasis is dedicated to advancing the art and science of floriculture through the development of innovative products. Our mission is to make Smithers-Oasis branded floral and horticultural products both the preferred and purchase choice of florists, floral designers and growers around the world.

Through a team of dedicated professionals, we keep current on important floral and horticultural trends so that we can provide our customers with the highest-performing products and best service possible. With insight and interest from all over the globe, we benefit from different perspectives and challenges, allowing us to provide our customers with the most trusted brands in the business, through our four main business segments:

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