Our Commitment to the Industry

We are dedicated to supporting the floriculture industry in many ways, particularly by building relationships with florists, floral designers and growers around the world. We achieve this through the support of floral design schools, participation in trade events, the development of an Internet resource (www.oasisfloral.com), cooperation with non-profit organizations for floriculture research and development, and the creation of a wide variety of in-house publications for educational and inspirational purposes. Through Design Directors and Ambassadors, we provide educational programs in many countries with the goal of inspiring new florists and equipping them for tomorrow's needs.

We pledge our continuing support to the industry by:

  • developing innovative, solutions-oriented products based on customers' needs
  • committing resources to educating a new generation of florists and growers
  • supporting industry-specific programs and organizations
  • championing continuous improvements in manufacturing through Lean principles that are shared with our industry partners