Our Commitment to Sustainability

Smithers-Oasis is committed to contributing to the sustainability of the earth we live on and the people and communities we serve globally. Consistent with our dedication to social responsibility, we recognize the environment requires thoughtful stewardship and accountability to preserve it for future generations.

As a leader in the floral industry, our commitment is long term. We look for ways to be an increasingly sustainable company. We will continue to introduce innovative and environmentally friendly floriculture products and programs that increase the sustainability of our planet.

Read the Smithers Oasis environmental statement and summary of sustainable programs here.

Focus on Three Sustainability Areas

The Smithers-Oasis Sustainability Program addresses people, planet and prosperity. We’ve made progress in all of these areas and are actively reducing the environmental footprint of our production, distribution and administrative facilities. Recent examples include reformulating our flagship floral product OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife to be biodegradable and implementing energy-saving scheduling in our plants in North America.


Sustainability is about people. Smithers-Oasis Company promotes respect for individual employee by providing a healthy and safe work environment throughout our worldwide organization. We conduct ongoing safety training and regular onsite reviews of working conditions to ensure we meet and exceed all applicable labor codes. We support open and honest communications and dialogue as part of a inviting and rewarding work environment where personal and professional development is recognized and rewarded.


ppplogoCreating environmentally friendly products through sustainable means is our goal. We are working to have as many of our products as possible to be reusable, recyclable and biodegradable and made from sustainable ingredients with reduced environmental impact.

In North America, all our glass and plastic products are recyclable. OASIS colored glass is created using water-based low-VOC paint. OASIS Floral Foam Maxlife  with enhanced biodegradability and ECOssentials containers are biodegradable. OASIS Raw Muslin and Pastel Wraps are made from reclaimed materials and Flat Cane and Midollino use renewable natural materials.


Sustaining our organization means earning a profit and reasonable growth. We can only do that by creating products and services that help our customers and their customers prosper. This means providing beneficial products and programs, like our information resources for sustainable floristry.