Smithers-Oasis offers a selection of floral foams, both wet and dry for fresh and silk arrangements – in many different shapes and sizes, plus a comprehensive range of arranging aids and floral sundries for the retail florist.

A line of Floralife® postharvest products is also available in most markets worldwide.

As well, the Smithers-Oasis grower division sells plant propagation and wetting agent products to the commercial greenhouse industry in major markets.

Re-cut all the stems under water, in warm water. Re-cutting removes the sealed-over end of each stem and immediately allows an uptake of water, while reducing the chance of air bubbles blocking the stem. Be sure to cut the stems at an angle with a sharp knife. Scissors may crush the stem, cutting off its ability to take up water. Remove all foliage below the water line in your vase or container, as flower foliage in water can be a carrier of bacteria.
Fill a clean tub or container with fresh water and a measured amount of Floralife® Fresh Flower Food. Place the floral foam brick (or any portion of it) onto the top of the fresh water with floral nutrient, and allow the foam to float freely down into the water. DO NOT FORCE THE FOAM down into the water – this will create air pockets, prohibiting the transfer of water from the foam to the stem. OASIS® Deluxe and Premium floral foams are a dense cell structure, in order to hold heavy-stemmed flowers, and will take longer to saturate. Medium-density foams, such as Standard or Ideal, will saturate in less than 50 seconds. OASIS® Instant floral foams are punched with holes, making saturation even faster.

Remember, water must be added daily to replenish supply.

Many OASIS® floral products are sold in garden centers, hobby stores, craft retail stores, and in some retail florist shops. These products can include wet and dry foams – individually wrapped or loose, tapes, florist wire, pins, picks, moss, topiary shapes and sizes, scissors, bowls with floral foam, and STYROFOAM® brand plastic foam shapes and sizes in some markets.

Grower products are sold exclusively through distributors for the greenhouse grower market.

Please contact your local Smithers-Oasis representative for more information on where you can find OASIS® floral, postharvest or grower products in your area.

Smithers-Oasis sells only hard-good supplies and no perishable cut flowers or plants.
Because we have manufacturing facilities around the world which differ, please contact your local Smithers-Oasis office for this information.
Please contact your local Smithers-Oasis office for a listing of floral or grower wholesalers/distributors in your area.