Old-Fashioned Melodrama

From 16mm sound films, 35mm filmstrips and 33-1/3 rpm records, to black & white brochures (showing flowers no less!), getting the word out to florists about designing with floral foam took many different directions.

Shown here is a clever idea taken from the 1963 Smithers-Oasis "Adventure with Flowers" brochure, where antique-shop finds were used as containers. Here, two meat grinders were used to create these cute table designs.

Other unusal design container ideas from this brochure included (please excuse the poor quality of the images - black and white pictures of "antiques" - which are even more antique now! - just don't do justice to these clever old-fashioned designs):

Driftwood Base


Glass Cake Plates


Washbowl & Pitcher

Gas Lamp Wall Bracket


Metal Gears

Garden Tools

Wagon Wheel

The arrangements created in this particular booklet were designed by Bill Hixson, and photographed by Robert Smithers. Two more very influential people in the pages of floral design history!