Hexagon Logo Connects to the Past

Over the years, the hexagon logo has been featured on Smithers-Oasis letterhead, stationery, on floral foam cartons, and on sales items. The hexagon logo today represents six "petals," which converge to form the whole - an international company.

In perusing through our archive files, however, it became evident that years ago, an evolution of marketing elements preceded the hexagon logo we know today.

The earliest company logo found on letterhead and various stationery items consisted of the OASIS® name, combined with the obvious element - palm trees.

For home flower arrangers, the company packaged a single brick of floral foam for individual sale, along with a line of other consumer flower arranging items. The instructions for use came in a foldout tag, shaped in a hexagon form.

The consumer pak was a big hit with home flower arrangers. Its unusual packaging configuration is six-sided as well, clearly resembling the hexagon logo.

Even the OASIS® 'name' was fitted with this unusual six-sided mark, however, positioned on its side.

With such a marketing blitz using this unusual form, it's no wonder it became a signature logo for the company. Highly recognizable, in combinaton with the various marketing elements shown above, its six "petals" truly represent the company's floral origins, as well as the whole - an international company dedicated to manufacturing products that improve creativity and efficiency for the floral, grower and postharvest markets.