Grower Products

OASIS® Grower Products represent a second business segment within the field of horticulture for Smithers-Oasis. In 1969, the company introduced its first growing media, Rooting Blocks, for the commercial greenhouse grower market. The growing media offered commercial growers a more stable pH, higher yield and uniform growth rate for plants.

With the initial introduction of the OASIS® ROOTCUBES® growing medium in the early 1970's, Smithers-Oasis revolutionized the vegetative plant propagation industry to where it is today. OASIS® ROOTCUBES®, HORTICUBES®, and WEDGE® growing media products benefit the commercial grower as they are rigid, open-celled, water-absorbing foams, specifically engineered for optimal callus and root formation. Crops most commonly rooted in OASIS® media are poinsettias, geraniums, spring flowering crops, foliage, hibiscus, herbs, lettuce, and woody ornamentals. The performance of these media is due, in part, to the unique cell structure that closely resembles the cellular structure of the plant itself. The composition of the foams gives density (weight) for holding power and capillary action for delivering water to inserted plant cuttings.

In 2006, Smithers-Oasis acquired the FERTISS® Propagating Plug System in North and South America from Fertil S.A.S of France. FERTISS®, a soilless rooting plug, provides easy rooting and seeding of most plant types. The rooting plugs are composed of a special blend of long fiber sphagnum peat, perlite and vermiculite, wrapped in a cellulose non-woven net. Roots easily penetrate the wrapping and are naturally air pruned, resulting in a faster and better take. The product will be sold under the registered name, OASIS® FERTISS® Growing Medium, and manufactured at the company’s Kent, Ohio facility. The FERTISS® Propagating Plug System provides the company the final key for its good-better-best product offering.

Today, OASIS® Grower Products offer a wide variety of rooting systems that are adaptable to nearly every type of plant. These offerings help us to serve a wide variety of growers, from small-scale operations which rely on superior survival rates, to mass retail growers, who require an excellent product at a competitive price.